Unparalleled Specialists in the Recruitment of Healthcare Sales and Clinical Professionals.
For nearly three decades we've concentrated on placing top executives and sales professionals in key positions within select healthcare industry segments. This intense focus has not only given us unmatched experience in these specialized areas, but also has made us the largest healthcare recruiting firm in the nation and the most trusted talent search resource among America’s premier healthcare companies.

Our Clinical Division is unique in our industry. It extends our superior search, screening and placement services to clinical support staff management positions within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical sales arenas, as well as to clinical and executive posts in hospitals.
Coaching Your Sales Team: Consistency Matters
Sometimes it’s necessary to coach your sales teams back on track when they stray from your product’s central message. 
Sales Team Training
Make sure your sales teams fully understand your product’s value proposition. 
Medical Training for Your Sales Force
Can medical training or coursework in the healthcare field help your sales teams excel?